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Women's fashion in the early 50s was characterized by good grooming and an overall tailored look that represented a quite revolution from 1940s austerity. Dior's 'New Look' comprising of a fitted jacket with a nipped in waist and a swingy mid-calf skirt is a hallmark of the period.   
Dior's New Look. image credit: peopletribe

cuff: gifted TURN Magazine

After watching the film Designing Woman, I have been looking around for a full mid-length skirt similar to hers. My search is still ongoing, but in the meantime I was able to rework a dress from Jacob. I paired it with a v-neck pullover and metallic platforms. 

Emily from Ruby Slipper Journeys tagged me with a versatile blogger award (thanks Emily :)!) whereby I'm supposed to write seven things about myself. Well, here it goes...
  • I'm annoyingly ticklish. A pedicure is a hassle, and a massage is sadly out of the question. If you're trying to get me to do something, all you have to threaten me with is "I'll tickle you" and I'm right on it
  • It doesn't take a lot to get me laughing. I find the silliest things amusing and as a result, I spend a huge chunk of my day between giggles and laughing out loud
  • As a child I was ambidextrous, but now I'm more left-handed than right
  • I've never broken a limb, neither have I had my wisdom teeth pulled out (I consider myself fortunate since I'm terrified of pain, and the thought alone has me grimacing)
  • I love learning about new places and cultures. Although I don't plan on visiting every country in the world, my goal is pretty high up there
  • I'm not a night-out-on-the-town kind of girl. I'd much rather prefer a dinner party with good music, delicious food and great company 
  • Spiritual health is a big part of my life, and in everything I do, I never want to lose sight of Him
That's all for now! Thanks for all you lovely comments. I'll be responding soon.

Hope you all had a very pleasant weekend. See you soon!


35 Contributions:

Elena Vasilieva said...

i love your skirt, that print is fab



Anthea said...

I am really loving your very ladylike outfits!

Embracing Style

pancakeSTACKER said...

Another classic & chic outfit! Love the skit. I have a similar one with the exact same print in black and white! Hope you had a great weekend!

Hope you'll stop by and enter my contest!!

Velvet said...

I really like your style! Love the neckline of the pullover and the print of the skirt.

It's very nice to hear more about you.

Sharon said...

Beautiful skirt!

v a m p i r e said...

Abi you look wonderful

women from the 50's do have great taste and style , they are so elegant and i adores you manage to pull off this pretty outfit

lol you never have your wisdom pull out? lucky lucky you

i had mine pull off few years ago , the pain almost kill me

KcomeKarolina said...

love love love your heels!
thank you for your sweet comment! love your blog! cu soon! remember you can keep in touch with my blog via bloglovin or facebook!
xoxo from rome

Anonymous said...

wow, awesome photos! 50s is a great inspiration ;) love your skirt so much!

Castor Pollux

Ashley said...

So beautiful! I absolutely adore your skirt! It's a modern twist on the first picture/outfit! Love your blog so much, keep it up!

Oh...I've never had my wisdom teeth removed or a limb broken either...let's hope it stays that way for both of us!

My Republic of Fashion said...

Gorgeous outfit. Love that skirt and those heels. :)SarahD

Casie Jean said...

I spent the weekend reading about Dior's 'New Look' how lovely of you to post about it. and what a charming skirt xox

shall I love you, said the swallow

L'Amour et la Paix said...

I adore your skirt! xo

Savvy Gal said...

very ladylike!

NinaSafada said...

oh it suits you so much!!! :))) you look wonderful!!


fashionably black said...


Your skirt is so elegant! I love it!

Joanna said...

Right you are...I go to OCAD!

That's a lovely outfit...very feminine and pretty :)

Helen said...

Yours shoes are so lovely! Thanks for visiting + nice to meet you!

ryder said...

you are rocking that 50' look
very beautiful

Natasha said...

Cute skirt! The print is beautiful. This is a great style for you xxx

QueenDesi said...

always love the vintage era.
u look so fabulous in tht outfit!! love ur platfoarm too ^^

visit my site^^ if u don't mind u can follow it too..


in Love&Light
Queen D

Tea Joeli said...

very cute blog:)


Emilie said...


Gets said...

I'm really ticklish too! Haha its really easy for friends to threaten me ): Love the first picture, always had an interest in small waists, they look so dainty and all! :D Your platforms and skirt are amazing too~ You look great as usual. <3


...Iww... said...

You look so chic and I love your skirt :D


Rebecca Lau said...

i love your inspiration image, it's still inspiring, even after so many years
love your outfit, it's very chic!

Anonymous said...

I love your style. I love feminine pieces.
Thank you so much for all the inspiration on my blog.
I love you.


MarchMusings said...

Love the nifty way you re-worked the dress. It looks great on you

Silvia Couture said...

tres chic and classy! Great outfit!


Abi said...

Thanks guys :)

@vampire: I definitely consider myself very lucky. I hear its terribly painful

@Ashley: Thanks! That means a lot :) And as for the broken limbs, I sure do hope so!

@Casie Jean: that's so funny! I'm glad I'm not the only one stuck in the past. Haha! What book were you reading?

@Joanna: I thought as much! ;)

@Helen: Nice to meet you too :)

@Gets: thank you :) Don't you just hate it when that happens with your friends >.<

Anna Pope said...

Love the list. I too am very ticklish, a thing my boyfriend always uses against me, haha!

That is probably my favorite shape for a skirt. Reminds me of all the wonderful outfits on Mad Men.

style-haus said...

omgosh i adore this look. soooo sophisticated and chic! the full skirt is fab and love the print too

antonia said...

great blog!!!

verychiclist said...

Abi, lovely shoes!I like the list very much :-)


Simona said...

love this ladylike outfit! so cute ♥


Mat said...

elegant stuff, i must have used this image is at least 3 essays!

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