Pete Lawrie


I've been feeling rather yucky and ill this weekend. Onset of a flu. Drowning in chai tea and honey. Menthol blaring out my nostrils. Benadryl flowing through my veins. I was about to throw in the towel and go lock myself up in a dark room till this phase passes, when my friend Emily sent me a link to the brilliant Pete Lawrie. This singer-songwriter from Penarth, Wales, might just be helping me to a speedy recovery. I've had him on repeat during whatever little snippet of wakefulness I get to enjoy. 
His lyrics are real and honest. His voice has a way of slowly creeping into your head, solidly carving itself and willfully refusing to budge. 
 Friends, Pete Lawrie. Pete Lawrie, friends.
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Do you ever find yourself only ever venturing out in one section of your city/town? I do. I have a habit of sticking to the mid-south-west. Partly because everything I need is around there and partly because of a certain familiarity I have with the area. I could walk down the street reading a book without once needing to lift my head up, save to check for oncoming traffic.

But yesterday, to celebrate my friend Jon's birthday, we ventured out to Leslieville to swirl wine bar, and boy am I glad I did. For a wine bar, this place is neither pretentious nor overly priced. Reminiscent of a country vineyard, the bar has been converted from a one-bedroom apartment on the upper level of a Victorian home.  Most of the furnishing is of reclaimed furniture, and has been decorated with  an eclectic flair. I couldn't help but sneak off to capture a few photos of the place. I did miss the table that had been converted from a vintage swinger sewing machine.

I'm nowhere close to being a wine connoisseur, but what I had, I did like. They also serve a yummy selection of cheeses and spreads.  Plus they have decent selection of board games, and host book swaps. What's not to love? Badabing.

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Polka Dots


clockwise: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
These mini spots are spreading like wildfire and that skirt to the left sure looks fun to twist in.

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These settings from pottery barn ooze rusticity. It's the weathered wood, the neutral tones, the careless organization, and the gallery wall that just never gets old.

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Ulyana Sergeenko


Have you guys seen Ulyana Sergeenko's Fall Winter 2011 collection yet?
I was going for my weekly fill at of a kind when I stumbled upon these.

 Awesome in pure form.

Inspired by Soviet Russia. This is what happens when 1940s charm goes back to the future. Where midi and floor length dresses reign supreme. Where people pull of bold prints and ladylike silhouettes with such aplomb...retro at its utmost best.

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Last Of The Summer Sun


h&m jumpsuit, nine west sandals, vintage clutch

Back to regularly scheduled posting. 
Apologies for falling off the wagon for a while there. 
Between my sister packing up and heading back to England, me trying to figure out life after graduation, searching for a new apartment, and basking in the summer sun; there was little time for much else.

Any opportunity to wear sheer as Fall comes crawling up, and I'm on it.  The print on this jumpsuit is a tad crazy, but that's what makes it all the more fun. 

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Day & Night


Running errands in breton stripes during the day; florals at night for a food fest with good company.

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