Hey! You stumbled upon my little corner of the internet. Welcome *hugs* (if you insist on a handshake or a wave, I'll begrudgingly accept). I'm Abi, an avid tea drinker dreaming with open eyes. I see sounds, I feel colours, and I hear light. 

One of my absolute favourite things in the world is laughing till it hurts or until I cry...more often than not, the tears come knocking first. Singing in the shower, singing in the rain…wherever water falls, there I'll be, singing. I love all things bright and beautiful and tend to view the world through rose tinted glasses.

Lover of life, cottage country, 20s through 70s, travel, dreams, passionate people, red wine, finding treasures, sand between my toes, russh, fresh air, house and garden parties, old movies, summer dresses, Jesus, colours, humour, a good book, dialogue, long walks, family, vintage, cities, jalouse, prints. I cannot seem to keep a plant alive. I’ve tried, but to no avail, and that task is still sitting perky on my bucket list.  

Style Bouquet is an ode to the mish-mosh of things that inspire me. Here's to hoping some of it rubs off on you. Come aboard, stay awhile and feel free to write a verse or two.

I’m always open to meet new people and if you've read this far, I have an inkling we’ll get along quite grandly. I currently reside in Toronto and face to face meetings may prove difficult, but that's where techie kicks into overdrive.

You can write me letters at  stylebouquet@gmail.com. Inquiries, suggestions, questions, contributions etc. I also tweet @stylebouquet where I struggle with keeping the blabber to 140 characters. Come join.

Lots of love,

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