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I was up till 2 am last night. Why? I decided to catch a quick news/weather update. While flipping through the channels, I was distracted by a lady in a beautifully tailored green dresses parading back and forth on my screen. This lady turned out to be Lauren Bacall in the romantic comedy Designing Woman. TCM (Turner Classic Movies) manages to satisfy my cravings for classic films. A couple of weeks ago, they had what I choose to call a "Judy Garland marathon" where they played movie upon movie starring the wonderful actress. I curled up with my blanket and a cup of tea and took in what is probably more than the recommended dosage of tele watching (if there's ever such a thing).

Designing Woman portrays the story of Marilla Brown (Lauren Bacall), a fashion designer who meets Mike Hagen (Gregory Peck), a sports reporter while on vacation. They hit it off immediately and decide to get married, only to realize they have less in common as the days go on. If you do get the opportunity, I think you should give it a watch because I'm not doing it any justice here. It's refreshing and humorous. Besides, the clothes and style features are so beautiful, you'll be nothing short of inspired (I hope......I know that I was).

 image credit: doctormacro
 image credit: doctormacro

So very well put together. I love the different textures and silhouettes going on with these outfits. I believe she wore the second outfit to watch a boxing match. Her hat isjust perfectly tilted at the right angle. I would be a very proud owner of the full skirt in the second photo.

 image credit: doctormacro
 image credit: dressingvintage
 image credit: missmatildadreams
 image credit: missmatildadreams
image credit:
*all photos were found using Google images*

The above outfit stood out to me the most throughout the entire film. Partly because it was featured in what was possibly the longest scene, and partly because I just cannot get over the puffiness of those sleeves. Once again, the full skirt shows up here, even puffier than before.

Anyone know where I can get a skirt of this nature? Any DIY tips? It's so reminiscent of Carolina Herrera no?

Thank you all for joining in the conversation so far. You've been so lovely and generous with your words. I truly appreciate your thoughts, opinions and overall contributions. Thanks kindly :)

Hope you're having a pleasant week so far.


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Friend in Fashion said...

I absolutely love these classic styles, so pretty and feminine! :)

Luv, Friend in Fashion

Cry Baby said...

Love that style! Feminine and very independent. Lovely.

Manus Lemone said...

Classic style is amazing, so much class!

StuddedLilly said...

these are so so classic. beautiful post! and i love the past few outfits you had on. awesome blog! :)

Anthea said...

Stunning, stunning, stunning! Thanks for this inspiration! HOw beautiful and classy she looks!

Embracing Style

TOPCOAT said...

Yes I very much see Carolina Herrera in these photos!
But nothing compares to this classic style
Gorgeous, thanks for posting


vdcouture said...

all way to the classics. i really love this post :)


Sofie said...

I love movies about fashion designers, I'll have to check this one out!
All those outfits are so gorgeous. I'm trying to choose my favourite, but they're all so amazing! I wish people still dressed that way.

Charleston said...

oww i love a bit of vintage i do x


I really love how vintage those pics are!


*followed you

Gets said...

Love the pictures! :D Thanks so much for the intro, I'll definitely be checking it out. I do love shows with fashion inspirations ((:

Thanks so much for dropping by too, and also for the very sweet comment! ((: I'm definitely following you, follow me too? <3


Abi-Anne said...

@ Gets: thanks for following. I'll be sure to stop by your blog soon ;)

@Sofie: let me know if you can find the film. I don't know if you get TCM but they might be screening again in August?

@TOPCOAT: I agree that nothing compares. I wonder why? perhaps it was made with extra love?

@Studded Lilly: thanks kindly :)

I do agree, I love the femininity and class in these outfits.

Audrey Allure said...

She's stunning. I love the TCM channel - I have yet to see this!

michelle_ said...

loving this post !
i love taking inspirations from the past as well..
awesome blog post :)
thanks for stopping by at my blog ...

IsauraQuevedo said...

great vintage inspiration ,loved the photos!!
cute blog btw, xoxoo

Ashley said...

Inspiring post!!! I would totally love to wear those in the future...

Thank you for droppin by my blog! Love those buns eee. :)

avalonne lou summers said...

I would dress like that everyday if I had the clothes!

Nubiasnonsense said...

Such classic style.. You have to go thrift store hunting to find something like this now

MarchMusings said...

Love those styles and how she carries herself so well

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

When I see images like this I feel like i was born in the wrong era. I really should be living in the past so that i could dress in such wonderful clothing.

Beautiful photos. So elegant and graceful.

Emilie said...

So pretty! Great post!

Tili said...

I adore watching old movies, the dresses and costumes are so gorgeous, over the top and inspiring!
I wish more women these days were that glamorous

FashionJazz said...

I love classic styles! Have a stunning day and thank you for your comment : ) xx

c'est freak, le chic said...

I love this post x

Abi-Anne said...

@Audrey: I'm sure they'll show it again soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

And I do agree with all of you that the clothes from classic films are gorgeous and inspirational. Would love to wear them today, but imagine how out of place one would look? I have to stick to more subdued vintage pieces.

Jenni said...

I've heard of this movie, but this post makes me want to see it even more than I did already!

Abi-Anne said...

I highly recommend it Jenni ;)

Anonymous said...

I just love Lauren Bacall! She was always a paragon of style in her movies.

Abi said...

I completely agree Sitara. Great style

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