Girl With A Pearl Earring


Want me to break down what Dorothee Golz did here? Sure thing. You see, she took this girl with a pearl earring painting by Johannes Vermeer and thought it was about time we looked beyond the pearl, beyond the turban and maybe beyond her intense glare. Perhaps like me, Dorothee was curious to know what this girl with a pearl was doing before posing for the painting. Inquiring minds wanted to know how this girl spent her time or quite possibly, what the rest of her surroundings look like. 

So Dorothee added a body and some interior; she created a broader, wider and longer narrative. She took the girl with a pearl out of the 1800s and fast forwarded to 19th/20th century with the denim jeans and classic flats. She gave the girl with a pearl a romantic attire with the pastels and sheer, in the event she really wasn't much of a denim girl at all. Dorothee played fair and created different settings for you curious minds wondering if there was indeed more to this girl than just a pearl. And yes, yes there is a whole lot more. A lot more than I think you will find in her surroundings or her attire or even that perfectly wound turban. For you see, the story of the girl with the pearl remains in that intense gaze of hers that's filled with such captivating emotions. Dorothee felt it too and left that glare absolutely untouched.

You're welcome.

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7 Contributions:

Ginta said...

The girl could be from any any - with that confusion, naivety and longing in her eyes.

Sasha said...

I used to be quite obsessed with this painting. I really like what's done here.

Noelani said...

I love this reappropriation of past master work for modern day type of thing. It's clever, edgy, and hopefully brings the originals to a new generation. Love it.

Elien | said...

This is great, very interesting and yet simple. It makes you think, and isn't that what art's all about?

xo Elien

Ramona said...

wow! this is absolutely amazing idea. I think it will be good for new generation to recognize and know a beautiful masterpieces.

xoxo Ra

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

The modern version are lovely, but I feel that the interiors take away from the facial expression of the model. I prefer the original version. There's more spirit, more soul.

Anonymous said...

This girl has always fascinated me, I loved the movie on her and now this is even more amazing. :) Thanks for enlightening us.


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