Kontor Kontur: Things Organized Neatly


Design office kontor kontur, grasps the concept of things organized neatly. These desk displays are a reminder that I need to do a massive haul of my study area and strip back down to the bare minimum essentials...yellow spoons included. Why, for mini ice cream breaks of course ;)

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3 Contributions:

Ginta said...

I think it's one of my favorite tumblrs ever! There is beauty & rhythm in everything!

eagle-eye-cherry said...

I am a disorder person, I don't think I can keep all these is a such order

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

you've just given my OCD tendencies a gentle massage while viewing these! um, and they thank you : )

we so have to dig through our home office but have procrastinated many moons about getting started. perhaps yellow spoons are the key i need as well to unlock the door to organized splendor! ♥

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