The Lion King Musical


I went to see The Lion King over the weekend, and my word, was it ever entertaining! It's one of my absolute favourite disney movies and I was curious to see how director Julie Taymor planned on bringing these characters to life without taking away from the story. The theatrics and costumes were awe inspiring and not at all distracting. And of course I sat there humming along to Circle of Life and He Lives In You.

Have any of you seen it? Highly recommended if it comes to a theatre by you. Brilliant play.

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2 Contributions:

Jenmarie said...

I was always interested in seeing it! I'm glad it was so entertaining!

R. Gratz said...

This is one that I absolutely must see! I know it's playing in Vegas, so perhaps I'll convince the buds to come with or else I'll just sneak away.

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