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Balenciaga 1967 and Balenciaga 2008

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IT'S ALL JUST A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF. Fashion history is fascinating. Its especially fascinating how decades past almost always rear up time and time again. Not unlike the cyclical motion of a ferris wheel. Sometimes, I play a game of time travel, where I throw in a little eeny, meeny, miny, moe, while wondering what decade will grace us with it's presence next. 

Know who else finds this fascinating? Diana Marian Murek of Into the Fashion. I discovered her blog a short while ago and was captivated by how she visually documents what I have only been able to portray with strings of scattered phrases. 

Can you think of any benchmarks of the past decade that may rear up a little while from now?

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7 Contributions:

R. Gratz said...

This is a fantastically interesting post! So if fashion history spins itself up to life over and over again.... so then is it actually history? Peculiar.

Shanah said...

Your post is so interesting. Never realized how fashion is just.. well copying earlier periods actually. I've always been told that fashion repeats itself once in a while, but I never thought it would just be copy-pasting all along. Thanks for sharing this, Abi. I'm definitely going to take a look at Into the Fashion :)

Ow, and by the way, thank you for your support(exams). I don't know whether you're a student or not, but I wish you the best as well.


Jason Laucht said...

Hey chica!! Its been awhile!! How r u??

Ps. Loving the bw in d last! Xxc

Ria said...

It's funny how things do this. My boyfriend likes to say there are no original ideas left anymore, anything you can come up with someone has already done some variation of it. He could just be a cynical artist though.

♥ StylisHedForeVer said...

Sent you a message yesterday girl, please check it out and let me know what you thing asap

Ginta said...

Simultaneously I love and hate fashion repeating it itself. Love - as I can take something I haven't worn for a while and be spot on. Hate - as it means less creativity. There are so few people who are genuinely creative. :(

Natasha said...

I had a conversation with a friend at college about this. We both thought it was really fascinating how old fashions and styles come back around. Great post and you're welcome, you deserved the award! xxx

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