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Oi! Bum cramps anyone? I reckon a good chunk of you had your buttocks stuck to the sofa for a good while yesterday taking in all that royal wedding shindig. Perhaps you were too excited and ended up burning a hole into your rug from all the prancing and jumping you did. Or maybe like me, you're with a neck ache as you prefer to lounge around on your head with your feet up in the air cause you know...it's just the most comfortable tv-watching position. Whatever your style, I would say you were cooked up indoors soaking in every ounce of it. So what was your space looking like? Teapot on the boil, overflow of digestive and rich tea biscuits with lots of W & K memorabilia floating around?  

Lounging around reminded me that a good spring cleaning is way overdue.  First stop: some fresh flowers. They just have that midas touch, instantly adding colour and character to any ol' space. If you're into it, you could go with floral wall papers, but I 'd much rather dish that and go with floral accents instead like some lighting, a bold floral carpet or a  nice comfy cushion. I'd say the key is to keep to a minimum though unless you of course want to turn your living space into a live-in garden. What say you?

It's a beautiful day here. The one sunny day we've had all week, and I'm off to enjoy it. 
Happy Saturday lovelies. 


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5 Contributions:

Ginta said...

I'm obsessed with flowers too at the moment! I guess the spring is to blame. :)) I wish I could fill rooms with flowers to the brim. And I want to wear as much floral prints as possible, only problem - I don't own almost anything floral! :(

Monique said...

These interiors are quite lovely! I watched about 5min of the royal wedding...too long for me! Flowers certainly add some warmth to a room. Hope you enjoyed your Saturday

Tastes Eclectic Fashion said...

I didn't watch the wedding but the world has caught me up already. Amazing thing, the internet.

I've always really liked the novelty of floral wallpaper in photos of interior design but I'm fairly sure I'd grow sick of it far too quickly if I plastered it about my home. Floral accents would be more of my thing. A rug would be the bee's knees.

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Love flowers!


Katrice L., My Vicarious Life said...

All of these photos are so brilliant. Wonderful post.

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