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“Going where the wind goes, blowing where the wind blows 
it’s anybody's guess who knows, let go, let’s go.”  - Wind & Willow

Brace yourself folks because you are about to get wreeeeecked in this place! Not a disastrous wreck, but more of a holy-moly-I-feel-good-to-my-core kind of wreck. Uh hunh. I want you to meet my friend Sarah Tillman and her husband Mark. Together, they strum for the band Wind & Willow.

Hold it. You’re probably thinking “what is so special about that as to wreck me?” 

Well…you see it's a story of boy meets girl. Boy meets girl in Toronto. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy goes back to Raleigh where he's from. Girl moves to Raleigh. Boy and girl get married and make beautiful babies. I lie. Threw in that last tidbit for kicks. No babies. Not yet. But there’s beautiful music. And it’s all happened just over the past year. 
Their EP album Roots is a sneak peek into their journey. Each song is refreshingly pure and raw and I love the mix of upbeat folk, hushed sounds and eclectic chimes.  I’m blown away by their choice in instruments. It’s an assortment of the eclectic, from the hammer dulcimer and harp to the sitar, glockenspiel and banjo. Currently in its infancy, Wind & Willow bring to mind images of cherry blossoms in bloom. I’m super excited to follow them on their journey through childhood and right into teenage-dom, where they’ll most likely wreck havoc with their sweet music.
My personal favourite is daises, roses, dandelions. Do take a listen; let me know what you think, aaaand tell me, which is your fave?

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5 Contributions:

Amber Blue Bird said...

what pretty music, reminds me a bit of the civil wars

Aimee said...

Great post, beautiful music :) x

Huda said...

beautiful, I'll definitely buy their album. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

oh wow love them, and the cover is water colored beautifully!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Ria said...

I can't seem to pick a favorite but I really love it. I love music like this and the story behind it is so romantic. Such a win.

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