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A little confession: I am a tad bit obsessed with AMC's Mad Men. Set in the 1960s, the show follows the lives of a group of people working in an advertising agency. From the shops and the cars, to the furniture and decor, the set and props are pretty spot on. If you are able to look beyond the layers of nostalgia and political incorrectness, the show truly is a joy to watch. More than just a period drama, the show brings to light to social, political and civil matters.

But enough of that already! Who am I kidding, what I enjoy most about the show is the clothes. As we may or may not know, I truly appreciate everything from the mid-century (40s, 50s, and 60s), especially the clothing style; and I would love nothing more than to take a tour through the stylist's wardrobe (no matter how brief). Of course, the men always look dapper in their suits-three piece or otherwise, but that's a topic for another post.

The ladies are so well put looks so effortless it makes me want to travel back into time. No offense to Peggy Olson and the other ladies on the show, but I find the styles of Betty Draper and Joan Holloway especially inspiring.

With the season 4 just a few weeks away, I thought I'd pay a little homage in anticipation.....

image credit: AMC

 image credit: fashion renegade

image credit: tfs

Betty Draper. Always and forever glamorous; even when  horse-riding. Full skirts and petticoats characterize her wardrobe. A cross between Sandra Dee and Grace Kelly, a strand of hair is never out of place. Even when "angry", she manages to remain elegant, classy and very feminine. I am lusting after that cashmere coat and those gloves.

 image credit: fashion renegade
 image credit: wall street journal

For Joan Holloway, think figure hugging dresses, red lipstick, pencil skirts, bright shades, brooches. She manages to be sexy without baring anything at all. My favourite accessory? Her confidence...with a capital C. I personally feel like she could wear a rag cloth and still make it look as gorgeous as ever. 

Who is your favourite character on the show?

Anyone know where I could pick up dresses, coats and accessories inspired by this show? Anything at all? A lot of things I've seen on modcloth and blue velvet vintage are currently out of stock :(

Hope you're all having a pleasant week so far. Thanks for your lovely comments on the post below.


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iUnderEye said...

Everyone around me loooooves Mad Men, and who can blame them, the language, the culture, the outfits, such a great throwback to glamour. Desperately missing from our time.
Louis Vuitton's latest collection reminds me of this show sooo much.

johanna said...

So retroooo.
Love this.
Thank you so much for your lovely comment
Keep following
Love, johanna

Tenny said...

this is the one show i always want to watch but don't have the time, and now that its on its fourth season it may be a little late to jump in now...but i guess that's what box sets are for!

fuschiaaa said...

Love it so chic

thequietingmuses said...

I love the styling in this show, so chic

Regan said...

Love it!! :) xoxo

TURN Magazine said...

Joan all the way!!! with a little bit of the kiddies thrown in!

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Agreed. The styling on this show is absolutely impeccable.

Josie said...

I am OBSESSED with the costumes on this show. Of course it doesn't hurt that Christina has a ridiculously amazing body and January is completely gorgeous, but they always make these clothes look spectacular!
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Yours is fab; I can't wait for more!
xo Josie

Charleston said...

the vintage fashion of the show looks amazing! x

Alex Dom said...

love all the looks!

Emilie said...

Love this!!!

Someone said...

Hello. It says on your profile: "I invite you to take a walk with me and join in the conversation."

What conversation? You never respond to your guests. How are they to know that you even bother to read their words?

Abi-Anne said...

...@Someone, thanks for your suggestion. I do read each and every comment, and have commented on posts in the past. But I thought it was better if I went on the individual blogs to comment in case they don't read this post again. But I guess it never hurts to comment on here as well.

Thanks to everyone else for coming by. Mad Men has amazing inspiration.

@iUNDEREYE: thanks for the LV suggestion, will go have a look; although I probably won't be able to afford much, if any right now. Ha!

@Tenny: It's never too late to start...I think you'll catch on relatively easy. I'll be more than happy to give you a quick summary. Ha!

@TURN Magazine: the best of both worlds! Ha! Can we get a Joan, Betty mix?

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