La Belle Époque


The period from between 1895 and 1914 was referred to as La Belle Époque by the French. Known as the Edwardian era in Britain, it was an epoch of beautiful clothes...among other things of course. Why the history lesson? Well, when I spotted the blouse I'm wearing in the shop, that's exactly what popped into my head. I was reminded of the Gibson Girl, and a look consisting of embroidered blouses and full, long skirts (see below).

image credit:

 blouse: vintage; shorts: f21; belt: zara; bag: ms. selfridge; loafers: some random shop (but topshop does a similar pair here)

I love the detailing along the neck and across the arms, the semi-puffy sleeves, chiffon material, and the nude colour...perfect for my summer wardrobe. All I needed to complete my "Gibson Girl" look was a tie/scarf, full maxi skirt, a hat, and a hand-held fan. There's a lot I'm missing there. Luckily for me, this is neither the 19th Century, nor a fancy dress party (sorry people). I decided to pair the blouse with a pair of denim shorts and fringed loafers. It was sunny and beautiful outside, and anything else would have resulted in some kind of individually-experienced-heat-wave.

Marc Jacobs was inspired by the Gibson Girl for his Spring 2009 ready to wear collection (top row). John Galliano also played with the look for his Spring 2010 couture show in Paris (bottom row).

 image credit:, W magazine, bellajuliet

Care to opine on the look? Do you think it's something you'll be trying out anytime soon? Halloween is a while away, but a costume idea perhaps? 

I'll be watching Twilight: Eclipse tonight. It's finally out in Toronto, and yes I'm a huge fan (guilty pleasure). Has anyone seen the movie yet?


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johanna said...

Oh thank you so MUCH for your sweet comment, you're lovely. My exam was good, The photos doesn't appear. I will post another one in a minute =)
Keep following,
Ohh and don't forget to add me on facebook and twitter.
Love, johanna

Abi-Anne said...

@Johanna: Good to hear your exam went well. Yes, I couldn't see the photo, but I thought it was just my internet connection. I'll check back ;)

johanna said...

As promised I've posted another thing to you to comment.
Thank you so much for your visit. I love this outfits, they're all great great great.
Love, johanna

joninel said...

nice outfit :D

Anonymous said...

LOVE you blouse.. it is indeed a beautiful time in history :)

Abi-Anne said...

Thanks girlies. @Denise: I always wonder what it would be like just to take a brief journey through that era.

sarah said...



and flowers pick themselves said...

so cute! i love the shoes.

xo Alison

thequietingmuses said...

Love the top, I'm always looking for lightweight options now that summer is here

Thanks for visiting :)

Cupcake.Fashionista said...

Love the top, so pretty! Looks great on you!

-Kayla, Style and Caffeine

Mystery Bruises said...

so simple and effortless! i love your style, your blog is awesome! keep up the good stuff and ill be back for sure!


ireneexx said...

Beautiful!! LOVE the blouse!

Anonymous said...

I love blouses like that, been looking for one of my own!


Anonymous said...

I'm in total agreement with these comments, that blouse is beyond cool!!

especially the cool shoulder detail!

Abi. X

Jazza. said...

Wow, what an amazing blog :) I really love your photos and your blouse is amazing!

Abi-Anne said...

Thanks for stopping by, and for all your lovely comments. They brought smiles to my face :)

@notjustmedical: I think Zara might have similar blouses to this one.

Daniel said...

Your blouse looks awesome paired with your denim shorts! I especially love the color of it. Thanks for commenting us by the way.
I followed your blog :)


My Republic of Fashion said...

Fantastic blouse, I love it!SarahD:)


loved the openning of this post
killer legs by the way
nice to hear from you

Kasia_B said...

Girl, I must tell you this... your legs are hell sexy!!
You look fabulous!


Meg! said...

I love that blouse so much! I'm obsessed with historical fashion, so yay for that fashion plate. I love how you've dressed it down so much. Really works for me. Love. It!

As for your question, I got my necklace as a gift from my boyfriend. He got it at a local record/jewelry/card/gift shop. :)

Anonymous said...

love the edwardian and the viktorian era. long time has passed since them, i still love the blouses. your's is really pretty, i wish to have those in my closet :)

La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society said...

Just stumbled across your blog and lovee your look! you made that vintage blouse look so expensive <3

Loved galliano's spring 2010 fact, i was lucky enough to be there in Paris at the same time!!

also, I'm headed up to Canada tomorrow! I'm actually going to vancouver, but I'm still so excited!

love your blog, following you now <3

Constance said...

Amazing outfit, you look gorgeous!

Catherine said...

I love this outfit, your blouse is nothing less than adorable!

Regan said...

Lovely pictures!! So cute. :)

.sabo skirt. said...

loving the history lesson, and loving your look! great blog =)

stop by our fashion blog, we hope you love it!

xx .sabo skirt.

minnja said...

I love your wonderful outfit, you look beautiful. Great and i follow you now... perhaps you will follow me, too?

LOVE from Germany, minnja

Becca said...

I love the blouse, I'm always a sucker for full sleeves. I really like how you paired it with cut-offs to give the look a little edge.

VanilahFashion said...

I love you blouse, its very pretty
How amazing are the Victorian Era dresses! so much work was put into them, they pay sooo much attention to detail. Amazing
Vanilah xx

Wendy said...

Such a classic and cute outfit!

Rand said...

really nice:):)

Emilie said...

Love the blouse with the shorts and the flats!

Abi-Anne said...

Thanks guys for the lovely comments. I feel the same way about the blouse ;)

@ORIGINAL SEED: I'm glad you enjoyed the little history :)

@Meg!: I would love to be able to visit that shop to get a necklace just like yours. It's so beautiful and unique

@The Fashion Society: I can't believe your got to see that show in Paris! Jealous! Welcome to Canada. I haven't been to Vancouver myself, but I heard it's such a beautiful beautiful city. Maybe a road trip this summer

@Vanilah: Oh yes, I wish I would be able to get my hands on one today. But I would have nowhere to wear it. Ha!

Thanks for commenting everyone. Do come by more often :)

johanna said...

How I love Belle Epoquee!
Love, johanna

Kendra said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm very new to blogging so it's really nice to have some new visitors.

I love your blog! This outfit is beautiful, I especially love the light flowy shirt. So perfect for summer.

Anonymous said...

you look really gorgeous!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

I have this costume book from all the different eras (OKAY I STOLE IT FROM THE SCHOOL'S LIBRARY BUT SHHH! I'm going to give it back in the new year! I swear!) and it's so amazing (hence why I stole - ahem, "borrowed" it for an extensive time). I wouldn't mind if guys dressed in those long coats these days! ;)

And you look so adorable. Your pictures have so much energy!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Abi-Anne said...

Thanks for the lovely comments!

@Kendra: I'm pretty new to blogging too. How are you liking it so far? I enjoy it lots. I'll definitely stop by you again ;)

@Lexy: Hahaha! I'll be sure to tell no one ;) What's the book called? And the guys definitely looked dapper in those coats. I'll be stopping by you again soon.

style-haus said...

the vintage blouse is incredible, what a great find! the detail on the shoulder is fantastic

Christina said...

I love this outfit, that blouse is gorgeous and goes so well with the cut offs!

Blackberry Sherbet

Abi-Anne said...

Thanks Christina :)

DoReen said...

gorgeous outfit!

Abi said...

Thanks Doreen :)

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