I Love My City...


...because of the endless patios, restaurants & festivals, and because walking/biking around is not impossible. Because I don't need to travel out to experience snippets of different cultures, and because you can break into dance in the middle of the intersection while passerbys most likely only bat an eyelash...truth, first hand. Illustrator Judy Kaufmann does a brilliant job of visually articulating this love.

What do you guys love about your city? Spill.

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8 Contributions:

Catherine said...

Such cute prints!

The Girl in the Paper Dress

Anonymous said...

wish I lived somewhere like that! these prints are so cute.


Sasha said...

Such great prints.

I love that my city is where I grew up. I love knowing all the hidden treasures. I love how I used to think it was huge and then that it was too small and now that it fits me perfectly. I love the memories.

eagle-eye-cherry said...

Nice photos. I love my city because it is old and because there is the Black Sea


I love my city because it's close to YOUR city. ;)

Seriously, though. Haha. I hate my city. Well, it's grown on me. Namely because there's a good Value Village and a lot of university students that make for good people-watching. But yeah. I NEED A BIG CITY!


Natasha said...

Great pics! I guess I love the city I grew up in because it's backward in the most modern of ways xxx


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

i was stoked to see you're a T-dot dweller Abi. i lived there for over 6 years myself and now am back home in Vancouver. the prints you've featured here are so fun! they are power punched full of goodness.

for me, it's all about our seawall. walking it, biking it, laying out on a blanket in the sun beside it. yes and more yes! in TO i was always diggin' the summer festivals. like taste of the Danforth or Caribana. your city has the BEST food in all the land, for serious! ♥

M said...

you've practically described Toronto! This big city keeps the inspiration, love, emotion, and peace flowing within and I wouldn't live anywhere else.



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