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from Topshop

Now in my final year of uni, I've only just had a bell go off in my head regarding those aching shoulders. Those slanty poses is not necessarily me trying to give my best angle to the camera, but rather a result of all those years of heavy books and one-strap shoulder bag combos.

There's a wide-range of fancy smanzie backpacks popping up all over the place and I really have no excuse for that lop-sided strut anymore. With this school session about to kick into full gear, I've got to get my hands on one sooner than later. So far, Topshop's large corduroy rucksack with the crazy strap harness has caught my eye. 

Have you spotted any someplace?


12 Contributions:

Shanna Maren said...

No I haven't spotted one. But I certainly love the back-pack! :)

...Iww... said...

I don't like bag packs but this one is really great^^

Victoria India said...

That's really cute!
thanks for your comment, im now following you! xo

BaCreando said...

very niceeeeeee this bag packs !!!

Grace said...

UO seems to have some pretty good ones right now! I'm in the market for one as well.

Love Grace.

and flowers pick themselves said...

oooh love the color!

xo Alison

LuLu124 said...

hey dear, thanks for the comment~!!!ahahah i've actually spotted a few kids in school switching over to these ~vintage~ looking backpacks too~~ :D
~XOXO, lulu ♥

Marinka said...

this bag pack is really nice, I love the color

grace said...

ah lovely :) I've been collecting old black leather backpacks but this one is very cool! perfect for uni.. and maybe even traveling too - great idea ! x

Princess Feef said...

thats really cute =)

Abi said...

@Victoria India: thanks for following :) Means a lot!

@Grace: Thanks for the heads up. I'll have a look there

@Lulu124:Go up to them all and ask them where they got theirs and then let me know. Hhaahaha! Kidding!

@grace: oh, where did you snag yours up? Black leather might not be a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

My gosh this backpack is stunning!!! Wish they're selling it in stores from where i am. Boo!


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