Aldo x Julian Louie Spring 2011


image credit: nitrolicious

Julian Louie's second collaboration with Aldo brings us a set of colourful wedges featuring a mish-mash of patchwork, suede and tribal prints. The shoes are made in cotton ikat (similar to tie-dyeing), and were inspired by a book of photographs by South African photographer Pieter Hugo which documents the lives of Nigerian street entertainers and their animals. Now, Aldo wasn't going to produce these, but after a successful Twitter petition*, they're due out next spring.

I have my eye on these three. Now let's hope they look the same in person as they do in these photos. Will you be snagging yourself a pair?  

*This thing does have an ounce of power, maybe I should join!


16 Contributions:

Victoria India said...

loveeee! the first ones are lush! xo

Anonymous said...

loving this inspiration
thanks for sharing, keep up your great blog!
and thank you so much for your comments, they mean the world to me!
i'll be checking back for sure, want to exchange links?


L'Amour et la Paix said...

Love these, especially the first! xo

Nedda Ebo said...

I like the third pair best. Thx for sharing :)

Mustart x

Jodi said...

Wild shoes.. totally cute.. I would probably kill myself trying to walk around in those though.. am not the most graceful.. .LOL

I bet they would rock on you!

BaCreando said...

the first one are incredible !!!! love love love !! ;-)

J.S. said...

I love those hot hot...


Anonymous said...

Well i'm hoping they sell it here in the local stores!


ari said...

HI Abi!! thanks for stopping by my blog :)
wow this colab is amazing, I can't believe I had not heard about this, thanks so much for posting!!:) I am loving the camel wedge (2nd) and the Ikat wedge (3rd) depending on the price I would snatch these babies up!
now I am going to keep a look out for when they are out!!

Billie Kinson said...

I've always loved a good shoe-boot. These are all gorgeous!

Serena P. said...

I love love love this shoes! Great blog! And you are so beautiful! thanks for the visit! If you want follow me!
I follow you!

Ria said...

Twitter has a lot of influence. I don't like when people ignore twitter or snub it just because it's popular or whatever when it's such a powerful media marketing tool these days that if you're not on it your company is behind. There's no comparison in being able to connect with your consumer. Sorry I run a online boutique so I'm coming at it from the pr perspective.

I adore those shoes though and I was really happy when they announced they'd be producing them.

Abi said...

@Jodi: Heheeh! You never know though, they may be just as comfy as flats ;)

@Fatiha: oh, I sure hope so too

@ari: haha! You're welcome. I only just heard about it recently. The price is definitely an important factor. They're suppossedly going to be "affordable"...whatever that means

@Serena P: thanks so much for following. I'll be sure to stop by your blog soon!

@Ria: I completely understand where you're coming from. I'm sure twitter is indeed a useful tool. I didn't mean to come across like I was being a snob towards it. Not my intention. I only went of twitter recently and it seems like a really imteresting concept that gets people connected at a much quicker pace which is why I'm thinking about joining as soon as I can find a way to manage one more social media outlet.

bravegrrl said...

something about that last pair is very cool indeed!

simplychic said...

ok, these are like nothing i've seen out there. love them.

Abi said...

I concur!

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