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Animal prints will forever be classic. Personally, I find that it can either be pleasantly pleasing or a tragic disaster; and boy, have I had/seen my share. I chose to go back to the roots with this leopard print turtle neck. I found it at a vintage boutique in Camden a while back and thought I couldn't possibly go astray with this one. You might be thinking turtle neck at the peak of the summer? But I assure you it's a light velvet fabric that transitions easily through the seasons, and I would be adding more layers to this right on into Fall.

top: vintage; shorts: Boutique Jacob/DIY; belt: River Island
I am highly tempted to hop on the midnight train to Montreal for the Osheaga Festival Musique et Arts. They've got the likes of Metric, Keane, K'naan and Robyn lined up. But then I'll be cheating on Toronto, and missing all the fun events taking place this weekend. We've got another long weekend here, and although I have no idea as to why, I am definitely not complaining. We are at the peak of the summer, and there is no time like now to hit the beach, take in some live music, sit out on the patio sipping fruity drinks or spend countless hours at a vintage sale. If you happen to be in the Toronto area this weekend, there is the monthly Chosen Ones Vintage Sale at 107 Shaw Gallery on Saturday and Sunday from 11am-6pm. I've been meaning to go head down these past couple of months, but was always caught up in other things. Hopefully it works out for me this weekend.

What do you think of animal prints? Yay or Nay?

What are your plans for the weekend friends? Pray tell.....whatever you do, hope you remain safe!


35 Contributions:

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful pics,
I love your tee, nice colours
Come back soon :)

Closet Fashionista said...

CUTE! Love the top. Animal prints are a yay for me! :D
and weekend plans...NOTHING! haha :D

Beckerman Girls said...

That is so funny you mentioned that vintage show..cause we live in Toronto and are obbsessed with flea markets and vintage things! Thanks babe--we are gonna try to make it!!! Love your blog..it rocks! Have a GRRREAT summer!
xo The Beckerman Girls


style-haus said...

yay for animal prints! the top goes great with the denim shorts. love this look...


jemina said...

Your style is AMAZING!!! and you ROCK!!! xoxo

Joe's blog said...

You are SO pretty! Fantastic outfit.

-Clare- said...

Animal prints I say nay, just cause I always end up envisioning women in their mid-50's who wear too much makeup and who have faces made more of plastic than skin. But hell, you pull it off nicely, so for you it's a yay. The rest of the world it's a nay.

Oana Roxana said...

Chosen Ones Vintage Sale sounds nice. Maybe you take some pics too. :)
I like animal prints,but I will always choose simple clothes instead of prints. But that's just me,you look nice. I like the sepia photo.

broke in the OC said...

i love how daring you are! not many people would think to pair items like this, it is truly adventurous. and you look so great! =D

broke in the OC said...

oh yes, and the photography is stunning as usual. fantastic!

Fashion Queen said...

Lovely outfit. But I say no to animal prints. It is not really my style.
Love your belt by the way!

Jana and Vanessa said...

Amazing photos and such a lovely outfit. I really adore the second picture!
All the best

Courtney Erin said...

Personally, I love animal prints! But, that said, I have seen some pretty disastrous uses of them.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Martha said...

Gorgeous top!
I am in love with animal print!

Lorraine F. said...

I love animal prints... Even more when it comes to Leo ; )

Rachel Lily said...

Enjoy Montreal, I love it there!
And the vintage shops in Camden are the best! <3

Jenni said...

I love leopard print, I just never think it looks right on me! It looks great on you.

SusuanaLove said...

nice pics
that top goes with your skin tone so weell :)


fashionfamous said...

I love it the outfit!


Lee Oliveira said...

WOW.. loving your outfit
great attitude on your photos

delifecious said...

thank u for comment me!

I like ur blog!


Ali said...

I'm loving your cheetah shirt. :)

BRIANA said...

love this! the leopard top looks so good on you!

now following... hope you'll do the same!

Anonymous said...

I love animal prints! It looks really good on you! Weekendplans.. hmm.. going through my closet and making space for the new items from my shopping holiday in Oslo.

- enter my giveaway

Statement of Fashion said...

great photos!!


Katie said...

love the animal prints.. you look gorg in these photos!!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

You are soooo pretty!! Lucky girl. ;)

I like animal prints if they are tastefully done. Your outfit is the perfect example. You look classy and sexy and fab! xo

Abi said...

You are all so lovely for taking the time to comment. Thank you :)

@BRIANA: thanks much for following my blog. Means a lot. I'll be sure to stop by your blog soon! x

@Closet Fashionista: sometimes, nothing is the perfect plan

@Beckerman Girls: that's so exciting! I hope you get to make it. Maybe I'll see you there. Have fun!

@Clare: Hahhaha! You just painted the most hilarious picture

@Rachel Lily: I decided to just stay put here in Toronto. There's too much going on here this weekend ;)

@annamargrete: super envious. Would love to have a whole bunch of offloading to do. Sounds like a good plan. Enjoy!

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Great top. I was going to say that you can't go wrong with animal print, but now I think about it, I realise you can. Your top is wonderful though, a fabulous cut and it looks very classy.

Pinkie Anggia said...

You look beautiful here..
lovely blog!
I'm your new follower, sweety :)

Xoxo ♥

Pinkie Anggia

Constance said...

You look beautiful in these pics!

Beth Rock said...

Love this look. Make sure to follow me on

Mélocy said...

Great outfit

Abi said...

@Emma: It's so easy to overdo the prints.

@Pinkie Anggia & Beth Rock: Thanks for following :) I'll be sure to stop by your blog soon ;)

WENCH said...

thanks for your comment APPRECIATE <3

I'm loving this outfit super pretty. I'm worried I'm becoming a little too obsessed with animal print.


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