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Hurray! It's mid-week once again, which means one more day left before the weekend (I personally believe weekends begin on Thursdays) and all the lovely activities that comes along with it. Toronto has definitely not been lacking in the arena of eventful happenings. With the incessant rain (i actually happen to love the rain- when indoors with a hot cup of tea and a good book) that marked the official beginning of summer and the extra tight security and tension hovering over the city.

As if all the hoopla surrounding with the G20 summit wasn't enough to put everyone into a frenzy, nature decided to pay us a visit in the form of an earthquake. Things are definitely shaking up around here (pun intended. Ha!). It's in times like this I wish I had a nice little place outside of my flat to escape to; sadly, that is not the case for this weekend.

Alas, I will be sitting at home for the most part in order to avoid the commotion. I foresee a lot of cooking going on while thinking up ways to remodel my flat; my room in particular, is need of a face-lift. I would love to have a modern/contemporary feel with vintage and classic accents. I've compiled some photos below

Clockwise from left: style starts at home, anthropologie, this is glamorous.
  Dressing Table
Clockwise from left: this is glamorous, freshome, apartment theraphy
 Clockwise from left: this is glamorous, freshome
Clockwise from left: apartment theraphy, freshome, this is glamorous

Clockwise from left: roomenvy, style starts at home, this is glamorous, homelement, this is glamorous,country living

If you have any suggestions of where to look for furniture or any lovely decorating ideas , I would very much love to hear them! Pray tell....


8 Contributions:

blow8 said...

amazing rooms!

Phiephie + Minnie said...

Love this post! Makes me want to be an interior designer!


Emilie said...

Great pics!

Marylena said...

Great pics**

Anonymous said...

i loved these, time for me to redecorate again!
so I didnt feel the earthquake yesterday, I guess I should be happy about that...G20 is quite annoying, I wont be making my way to jazz fest, trying to avoid chaos so we're getting out of the city! really like your blog! :)

Abi-Anne said...

Glad you all agree with me ;)

@Nina:I wasn't able to make it down to the fest like I wanted...too chaotic! Hope you had a fun weekend out of the city :)

Jazza. said...

Great pictures!!

Look at the furniture at
It's so cute :)

Abi-Anne said...

Oh, thanks for the recommendation Jazza. I'm on it now ;)

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