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I've been feeling rather yucky and ill this weekend. Onset of a flu. Drowning in chai tea and honey. Menthol blaring out my nostrils. Benadryl flowing through my veins. I was about to throw in the towel and go lock myself up in a dark room till this phase passes, when my friend Emily sent me a link to the brilliant Pete Lawrie. This singer-songwriter from Penarth, Wales, might just be helping me to a speedy recovery. I've had him on repeat during whatever little snippet of wakefulness I get to enjoy. 
His lyrics are real and honest. His voice has a way of slowly creeping into your head, solidly carving itself and willfully refusing to budge. 
 Friends, Pete Lawrie. Pete Lawrie, friends.
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Amber Blue Bird said...

he had a great voice, reminds me a bit of bon iver. Hope you feel better soon.

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