Sea Voyager


found here
Meet me by the sea again
Past the point of shoreline bends
Where the sand is soft and warm
And hangs upon your golden arm
And time won't move at all

Jesse Harris' The Secret Sun has been the perfect summer soundtrack. Each time it comes on my playlist, I get this image of me making my way across the seashore picking up an assortment of sea shells that will make their way back home with me, and get used for crafty little projects. The possibilities for those pretty gems seem boundless... a jewellery dish a shell candle a centrepiece a mirror frame

Nifty ideas non? But alas, I'm mainly surrounded by lakes lacking sea creatures which means shells are few and far between. On another note, did someone ever find out why sally sold seashells by the seashore when anyone could have just picked them up?

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4 Contributions:

J'Adore Fashion said...

Love using shells as house decor! Lovely pictures!


Bad Taste Toast said...

Oh the pictures are wonderful! Shells are so pretty!

ChiccaStyle said...

WOW, I am totally in love with this post!!!Great pictures,thanks for sharing!

Amber Blue Bird said...

those little shell candles are really cute.

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