Stella Cake


Talk about clever ideas. Apollina, the lovely lady behind the blog Apollinas took inspiration from Stella McCartney's SS2011 collection and came up with a cake so bang on, I had to do a triple take. That's a food stylist if I've ever seen one. Now, if unlike me, you've managed to stop scrolling between dress and cake, and would like to get on with some baking, the full recipe is here.

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4 Contributions:

Anonymous said...

That cake looks so tempting apart from the cream! I hate cream.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting my bloggy.


duckalicious said...

all I'm gonna say is



duckalicious said...

oh, almost forgot: nom!

J'Anns Boutique said...

Haha before I read the last line I was doing just that, scrolling from dress to cake and back LMAO

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