Esperanza Spalding


That slightly awkward moment when Esperanza Spalding won the grammy award for 'best new artist'. I'm most certain you could have heared a pin drop. 

Lately, I've been enjoying tidbits of jazz music. Dear Ms. Spalding here has the perfect melodic voice to accompany lazy summer evenings spent reading a book on the patio while sipping on some lemonade. Take a listen. What do you reckon?

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the style crusader said...

This is so funny - I didn't get to watch the Grammy's but that sounds like an epic moment. I've really been loving jazz and blues lately... I need to check out her music! Thanks for the tip.

p.s. just scrolling through your older posts and I really love your blog! totally into your style and your take on things. so glad i found you! xx

Amber Blue Bird said...

I didnt watch the grammys this year so I missed that moment but I am sure it was a sight. She has a stellar voice, no wonder she won.

Sasha said...

I never watch awards shows but I've heard her name and have been meaning to check her out. Another reason I adore your blog, great music!

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