What Is Victoria's Secret?


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As you may already know, Tom Ford had a very private show for his Spring 2011 womenswear line. His reasoning? Fashion had become overexposed in recent years and he wanted fashion to be fun again. I can understand where he is coming from, and he left me with an unwavering sense of intrigue while I wait with eager anticipation.

I was also waiting with (not so eager) anticipation to catch a glimpse of Victoria Beckham's Spring 2011 collection. Like Mr. Ford, she held an intimate and private show. Now, although her picture release didn't take anywhere as near as long as Tom Ford's, the question is, was Victoria's secret worth the anticipation?


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Victoria India said...

I love this dress, so much! What a fab colour. I hope i can find one A LOT cheaper! haha xo

Pandora said...

For sure, VB has been quietly proving her worth as the arm candy of the lovely husband, but this 5th collection is great. Already she has many red carpet moments graced in her designs, she deserves the credit for her work now

ABIGAIL NY said...

Love the dress, so well constructed!
and those shades are too killer!


Fashion Queen said...

I love this dress.


ufff que amarillo más amarillo, no se yo si llevaría un color tan fluor
un beso

Britty said...

i agree with him too

beautiful its so tom ford

L'Amour et la Paix said...

So far I've loved the dresses I've seen from Victoria Beckham's past collections! This yellow one is so so pretty too. xo

StylisHedForeVer said...

I'm in love with her collection and she's slowly proving us all that she could definitely be a household name when it comes to the design world.

Anna Jane said...

i actually really like her bags that were featured in vogue this month...they look really well-structured.

have a great weekend!
xx anna jane

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

While I don't mind the thought of private shows, it seems to me that it's less about making fashion "fun" again that about making it exclusive again? Don't you think?

Elena Vasilieva said...

gorge yellow dress, loved her entire collection



briannelee said...

I really like this yellow dress.

Abi said...

@Pandora: well said. I think she's managed to transition from singer to...dare I say, designer? quite smoothly.

@Anna Jane: I also like the classic structure of her bags...a Birkin in the making i read her say

@Emily:do you reckon? I looked at it from a different angle I guess. I fell like collections are all over the internet almost instantaneously these days, that by the time it actually becomes available 6 months down the line, it's not as fresh or as exciting anymore because everyones moved ahead to what's coming in 6 months time.

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