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I recently heard about Canadian designer Dace Moore. I have a habit of typing most things into a search engine just to see what pops up. I was quite delighted to discover her label Dace, and even more so when I clicked on the website and browsed through the collection. The Fall 2010 line consists of beautifully tailored and versatile pieces, with strict attention to intricate details. What struck me most however, was the accompanying lookbook. Soft and romantic hues characteristic of Fall featured in the most gorgeous cabin with a rich forest landscape. How's that for getting you all excited and giddy for Fall? I find the subdued and melancholy vibe truly inspirational.

Translucent silk camisoles, oversized wool pullovers, knee-highs, and capes. The color palette includes dark blues with a mix of earthy grays and winter creams.

And just because I couldn't resist, below are some photos from the Spring 2010 lookbook.

image credit: dace.ca

How lovely are the last two photos? Blazer, bag and sunnies please and thank you! (What was that? Bag and sunnies not included? Not to worry, the blue dress will suffice)
For more inspiring photos, have a look here. There is a sale going on right now too. Tell me, which pieces do you fancy?

Hope you all had a pleasant weekend. Happy Tuesday!


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-Clare- said...

I'm loving the Walter Jacket http://www.dace.ca/collections/fall-2010/products/walter-jacket
and the June Top http://www.dace.ca/collections/tops/products/june-top

jamie-lee said...

Wow, this is one of the most beautiful lookbooks ever - I'm loving the first four! x


Rheanne said...

That dog is the cutest thing ♥ and you wrote on my blog about the wildfox pictures, i didn't make up the tale *laughs* there attached to the photos :)


Love, x

Anonymous said...


SusuanaLove said...

Everything about this is son Classy


fashionfamous said...

I love it the photos, are so so so so nice!


Natalie said...

i love those sunglasses in the last post, these pictures are so pretty!

peace x


Briana said...

stunning. what beautiful pictures!


La Petite Anglaise said...

so, so lovely... I want fall now! That satchel bag in the last pic is especially delicious. Over-the-knee socks are something I have always wanted to try and have never got round to doing, after seeing them rocked to perfection here I feel inspired to invest in a pair. X


sallyannie☆ said...

These photos are so gorgeous. Love the lighting!

Ambypure said...

It looks beautiful!

and flowers pick themselves said...

the light is so flawless! gorgeous photos.

xo Alison

mary_ronaldo said...

the last photo is wonderful! i love it!


Robyn said...

Ooo. I have never heard of her before. Thanks for posting these, I am definitely in love.

ilsteviewonder said...

very pretty photos the last one is my fav she looks very beautiful and interesting :)

ilsteviewonder said...

oh and im following you now! =)

Orphaned Apparel said...

WOW. What a stunning lookbook. Thanks for sharing! It's perfect.

Tastes Eclectic Fashion said...

The lookbook photos are amazing. So beautiful but her pieces are even more amazing. I am so happy you showcased such a wonderful designer!

Savvy Gal said...

the collection look so comfy yet so stylish. i likey.

Abi said...

@Clare: those are beautiful pieces indeed!

@Rheanne: sure fooled me! We'll pretend like you wrote it ;)

@La Petite Anglaise: I was inspired by those socks too!

@ilsteviewonder: thanks for following. I'll be sure to stop by your blog soon ;)

style-haus said...

this collection is incredible! now i'm curious to see more... totally agree about the feel of the lookbook, romantic getaway vibe


Sarah V. said...

Great pics!

Thanks for your comment in my blog!


Anthea said...

Stunning pics! Wow!

Embracing Style

MissZuri said...

i liek this shoot lotz!

Self proclaimed fashion chameleon who refuses to let mommyhood take away her style!!! Comment&FoLLow

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